Friday, March 29, 2013

Sounds like Good Friday

The first thing I do when I wake is to listen. 
I listen as the light eases into the sky, 
as it rises from morning cool to its noontime height. 
I listen to the rhythms of the neighbour's washing machine, 
or to linen tumbling dry. 
The dryer wheezes like a fragile grandfather. 
These walls reverberate emptiness, 
I try and fill it up with emptier melodies. 
Then the random thought arrives. 
I recall a friend's dismay upon discovering 
that art is artificial; 
an attempt to replicate that which made you feel.
Outside, depression hangs over the city, 
as if setting the scene for heartbreak, 
as if it knew someone important had died today.

- Daryl Goh