Monday, May 17, 2010

Blind Faith Revolutions That I Can Watch But Hate The Sound

We are always trying harder,
Crying out for more committment, demanding discipline.
But the problem is we've never
come to the end of our own effort.
Am I a failure because
I refused to live disciplined?
Because I rebelled?
Or could I somehow have become a believer too?

I'm sorry Johnny,
I'm not great like you
I cannot do what you've done
I cannot write hymns and I haven't started a movement.
Hey Suzy, could it be
you spent all that time
in the meeting rooms and under the tables, simply because
you wanted to be near daddy?

We've unwound this red tape
and entangled our heart
We've used it to blindfold compassion
no wonder our love got lost.
They tell us to pray for revival
But recognise that I've been living
my revival for a decade now
And it started with failure.

- Daryl Goh

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