Wednesday, October 27, 2010

All Impossible Flights For An Interesting Light

Intrigue me with your silence. Your mysterious mannerisms. Information classified in your eyes, prized, disguised like spies. I am six secret numbers to decipher you. Or a wicked crooked crowbar to try and pry you. If you were an open heart. I would hang around you like a heavy coat, thick like a heavy haze after a heavy rain. 

Tread lightly, I hear You say. But fragile finds me forceful. Brittle yet I bend. A heavy heaving man spent. You are tender petals and I am clumsy fingers, patent brutality, Wretched caveman.

Your smile is patient. Pardon this awkwardness. I am still getting used to this pretense. We are by the water so walk with me. The reflections grow brighter with the lights of the city. Little sparks dip and rise when we meet. A kind of quiet sharpening. Gentle like the touches of my sleeve on your skin, lingering just a little while. Just enough for you to listen now. For you to long for the long haul. But then I begin to fold, doubt takes hold.  Then I am unsure. Then I disappear.

- Daryl Goh

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