Thursday, October 13, 2011

Come Closer

the sky is whistling purity,
washed with rain.
coat the city in blinding white,
cascading from the heavens.
my prayers rise to meet them;
fierce, and just as wet.

my love, i am a drowning man.
reach up, for you are the surface
i wish to break. so i breathe,
and i sing a simple tune
bubbling up to you.

a pretty face, picture perfect.
we tangle
like roots grappling for sustenance
entwined, like new found lovers
afraid if we held loosely
would be swept away.

if you discover loneliness
one fine day
just slow down, my love, slow down
know you are too young for this.
i, with breath kissed into me
propose, come closer.

Come closer.

- Daryl Goh 

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