Wednesday, January 20, 2010

This Is The New Year

Many people take time to reflect when they come to a new year and I am one of them. We proudly bring our acheivements to light, while we desperately try to hide failures and regrets. Here is a humourous definition of the word 'reflection'.

An action of the mind whereby we obtain a clearer view of our relation to the things of yesterday and are able to avoid the perils that we shall not again encounter.
| Ambrose Bierse - The Cynic's Word Book |

As with all good humour, there is always an element of truth in it. Sometimes, on reflection, we cultivate fear instead of drawing the positives from the experience. We say of the pain of the failed relationship, "I'm not going to do THAT again," when instead, we need to keep reminding ourselves to pour out love. We need to recalculate the equation that says that rejection equals failure. Or that the fizzling out of a movement meant that it was a mistake.

No. The opportunity for change and resolution look like splashes of colour on canvas, the visionary artist trying to emphasise each stroke. As if to say you have more chances if you didn't get it right the first time around. Well, this is my attempt to make sense of 2010. To take the 28th year of my life and live it for others.

To Owe Ten.
This is the goal for 2010. Based on Romans 13 verses 8 and 14, which basically tells us to owe nothing except Love. The act is simple. Find 10 people who need to be shown unconditional Love, Extravagent Love, Ridiculous Love. Because Love fulfills. Its time we paid up our debts of Love.

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