Tuesday, December 10, 2013

20 Things About Daryl


This is my best trait. I believe it is also the most important trait. I am willing to learn new skills and explore areas to improve. It’s been proven that mental stimulation throughout one’s life can prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s and dementia. I never want to get those.

As ironic as it may seem to list this as a positive trait in a self-evaluation, but it is one that I always aspire towards. C.S. Lewis said, a truly humble person "...will not be thinking about humility: he will not be thinking about himself at all."

It makes me happy when the people around me are happy. So I do things to make them happy. So that I can be happy. So actually, it’s rather selfish of me. Sorry.

Patient & Understanding
I’ve worked in an education centre with kids and in a day activity centre with people with intellectual disabilities. It’s a good way to practice being calm

I’m addicted to the sense of accomplishment and positive feedback. Having said that, I also like finding shortcuts so that work can be done more efficiently. 

Friendly Communicator
I make friends quickly. I get along with people most of the time. I think the trick is to look for glimpses of God in every person. 

I have an affinity for youth. I play football with interns 10 years younger than me. I’m proud of that! People say its in the genes. My dad is the youngest looking seventy-something-year-old I know. 

I like to stand out and do things that are unexpected. 

I’m not referring to the preoccupation of love, I’m referring to my outlook on life. It is often described as idealised and unrealistic. I’ve been on the emotional and depressive side. I prefer idealised. 

An eye for detail.
I’m in no way the most meticulous person you might meet. However, I’ve learnt to take note of (nitpick) how images and text are presented on a screen or in a page. 

I love my job
I love working with awesome bosses, talented colleagues, and fun intern. I love that I am not stuck in a single job description. I love it so much that I've put 11 things! =D


I have been perceived as a little slow sometimes. Sometimes I overcompensate by rushing, which only makes things worse. Most of the time I work at my own pace, which ensures that the work is done to the best of my ability.

Dislikes Inconsistency
Although I mentioned that I am patient and understanding, I also realise that I am often frustrated by inconstant expectations, which on a bad day can cause me to speak out against it. I think it’s the reaction to it that makes it bad. Especially because an editor’s job is about making changes.

Speaks too freely
Sometimes, I am too liberal with my opinions and have been known to say things at the wrong time. 

One thing I’ve learnt a lot while working here is that there are many things that a client should not see. It’s like the graceful swan: above the water, calm and composed; below the water, paddling like crazy.

My mind tends to wander sometimes, which annoys me when I’m on a deadline. Coffee sometimes helps.

I have excuses; they are all invalid.

I really dislike this description of me. I really think I’m not. I’m really trying to disprove this.

Camera work
Needless to say, there’s a whole lot of techniques to look out for and improve. 

I want to be able to edit a TV show. Don’t feel proficient enough yet, but I’m getting there.

This whole thing still looks like magic to me. Translating a vision to words, and then into life on screen is something that I would eventually like to master.  

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